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Important Message

It comes with great sadness to announce that the Omnistream will soon be coming to an end. The site was created in 2011 primarily for myself, since I liked to follow so many separate communities. It was a little hobby project, and a great learning experience. I had hosted it off my personal computer back then, and showed it off to a few friends because I thought it was nifty. They wanted to use it more and more, but I couldn't leave my computer on 24/7. I moved it around between a few hosts as others offered to provide them, but it got to a point where I had to find my own solution. I chose a web host, registered a domain, and spruced the site up a bit. It's been up since January 2012. The the number of unique visitors grew and peaked at over a thousand per month within the first year. Six years later, and I've allowed the site to age and deteriorate. Some of the streams featured have disbanded, or are rarely live. And yet, to my amazement, there are still a bunch of you that stop by. I hope you enjoyed the meager service I provided here. Come 2018, the Omnistream will be no more. This old dinosaur has become stagnant, and shows no further signs of evolving. I won't say that it will never come back, but I'm afraid it's not likely. Then again... who knows what the future might bring?

Until next time. Thank you.
- YotaXP


This site is not responsible for the content of any streams featured. Each stream is controlled and maintained by their respective sites. (Brocraft, Vinesauce, etc.)
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The Omnistream is Ending